It’s simple why Jon Wilner is deliberately ignoring the travesty that is San Jose State men’s basketball. Read on.

I fully expect coach George Nessman, who has one year left on his contract, to be offered a long-term extension ASAP. (And don’t be surprised if Nessman draws interest from other programs with vacancies to fill: 17 wins at SJSU will get you on a short list or two.)

3.11.2011 Jon Wilner

Look for San Jose State to offer coach George Nessman a long-term contract extension after the season. The Spartans have matched their highest win total in 30 years and are concerned that Nessman, whose current deal expires in 2012, could draw interest from other schools.

3.15.2011 Jon Wilner

Looks like Jon’s on the Big Gulp Kool-Aid diet.

No mention of a patsy 2010-11 schedule full of 250+ RPI teams, including that bravura performance in taking down big, bad Puget Sound.

No mention of never even a first division finish in the WAC in seven seasons? Not even a .500 finish.

No mention of the disappearances of San Jose State bigs like Webster, Caballero, Amburry or Omolade or the out of state recruits who departed and went on to oblivion.

Ah yes, Tom Bowen, holding San Jose State men’s basketball hostage and making it irrelevant since 2005.

FIRE TOM BOWEN NOW for benign neglect to the student-athletes on the men’s basketball team.

FIRE TOM BOWEN YESTERDAY for benign neglect to the student athletes on the men’s basketball team.



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