Keith Shamburger comes from a state championship program in Los Angeles. He’s part of a lineage, someone who the younger players at Serra look up to and respect.

Put yourself in his shoes when you’ve played two years on a team that can’t even get close to .500 in conference, is dead in the water in recruiting (look for five Jucos to be signed), you’re asked to perform a role that isn’t conducive to your talents and the coaches tiptoe around you scared when you want and need to be pushed and challenged.

He made a mistake signing with San Jose State because he was sold a bill of undelivered goods. He can get an education at any college but he can’t get surrounded by competitive talent while at San Jose State.

By the way, the deadheads who still think Keith is returning (yeah, Jerry Garcia too) just need to look at his Twitter account. What more does it take, a signed blood oath?

Ah yes, Tom Bowen, holding San Jose State men’s basketball hostage and making it irrelevant since 2005.

FIRE TOM BOWEN NOW for benign neglect to the student-athletes on the men’s basketball team.

FIRE TOM BOWEN YESTERDAY for benign neglect to the student athletes on the men’s basketball team.



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