The case is becoming more convincing that Tom Bowen has always shortchanged basketball and that was his master plan from the getgo. Sadly, those offering basketball donations have not had this disclosed to them.

Did Bowen somehow think people wouldn’t catch on? That he could Blarney stone them?

I really feel sorry for the student-athletes, lured here under false pretenses.

sgwau96 recently posted this @ the Spartan Insider MB

The entire structure of Men’s Basketball is eff’d up. Our best players are almost all transfers, from other more successful programs, that had personal issues there. They come here because nobody wants them. Our scholarship offers to HS prospects are basically ignored – (when you evaluated colleges one of the stats you look at is the attending to accepted ratio; our football scholarships are not too bad, the Basketball … well dreadful). We have leftovers, and half committed. If Shamburger turns up at another program the transformation into a D-League team for NCAA D1 will be complete.

The AD and coach conspired to build a cupcake schedule and still couldn’t win enough to cover up the stink. But this year even that failed.

This is a program that has one purpose only, which is to field to lowest budget team possible, and to have a coach who is happy with it. Nessman fits that role, and Bowen thinks we are too stupid to notice he is fielding such a garbage team. Its the Oakland A’s of Charlie Finley’s latter days, when he would sell his best prospects for cash. (IIRC he even sold a manager.)

Like the A’s the fans are nowhere to be found. To change we need a Basketball management with the  mindset of the Giants. They started to market and build the team up while still in Candlestick. That allowed them to get a new park a decade plus later. The Spartans are following the A’s model, stripping down, stripping down, going cheap cheap and cheaper, hoping the fans don’t notice. The results are similar.

The fundamental truth is Tom Bowen deliberately starves MBB, and George Nessman is the result.

Yes, irrelevancy is eternal at least under the leadership of Tom Bowen.

FIRE TOM BOWEN NOW for benign neglect to the student-athletes on the men’s basketball team.

FIRE TOM BOWEN YESTERDAY for benign neglect to the student athletes on the men’s basketball team.



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