There’s rose-colored glasses and then there’s rose colored eye implants and the Kool Aiders who view the ripe and smelly piece of dung that stands for San Jose State basketball as still worth supporting are card carrying members of the latter. They acquired their in-sight via their HMO, their Hell Maintenance Organization of which is administered by one Tom Bowen.

Keith Shamburger saw no chance for team or individual  success.

Like in his recent interview.

how good the fan base was. How they support the team, and how Coach Arnold wants his players to fight. He wants to win games. I like that. I want a coach that’s going to push me, make me work. And I feel Coach Arnold and his staff there will do that, and make me into a better player.

“Being in the same conference and playing them so many times, I could see what they were doing over there in Hawai’i,” he said. “One thing I like is that Hawaii always has good (big men) and we didn’t have that at San Jose State. I know Coach Gib likes to bring in big guys, and I’d like to play with some good bigs.”

For the hopelessly naive, above and beyond the implantees, he is saying he felt wasn’t in a place where his mentors were getting him better. He was weary of the brownnosing, of the adults fearing that getting on him would cause him to depart when the exact opposite was true. How can anyone, let alone a player, respect that approach? Sweet Jesus.

Uh, Tom Bowen does.

Shamburger believed recruiting wasn’t going to improve. Yeah, playing time is always a lure but not on a last place 1-13 team. It’s the kids with no other options who take a deep sigh and sign with San Jose State on the dotted line.

So keep your contributions flowing, right?

Feed the addict.

But why not instead just give your money to some homeless drunk or tweaker living under one of the bridges, someone who is at least being upfront about his problem.

When there is no shame, there’s TB.

Yes, irrelevancy is eternal at least under the leadership of Tom Bowen.

FIRE TOM BOWEN NOW for benign neglect to the student-athletes on the men’s basketball team.

FIRE TOM BOWEN YESTERDAY for benign neglect to the student athletes on the men’s basketball team.


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