Fungibility and trust

So Marie Tuite wants people to quit holding back their donations. (The host decided not to take calls, but said they would have her back for a studio interview, and they would take calls at that time. It was a short interview in which little was revealed. She did say there is reluctance by some donors to contribute to the Bill Walsh Center until it is known if SJSU gets into the Mountain West. Her response to them is if we don’t we will need the Center even more. I was hoping for some good news, but we are still on this darn MWC roller coaster. She said she was involved in trying to “keep the SJSU ship afloat” and headed in the right direction)

What about a promise followed by transparency that any donation submitted and identified for a specific area of support will not be run through the system and end up in the coffers of SJSU mens basketball?

We keep getting this trust me bleating.

We trusted TB and, before departing, he gave his buddy an extension nobody else thought was appropriate before departing. That wasn’t representing SJS as an AD, it was taking care of family before getting out of town.

SJS had been plagued by a series of ADs whose job one was acting as an employment agency for cronies and not representing SJS’s best interests.

Trust is long gone.

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