TB did do some good.

Sweet Jesus did I just type that?

Hiring Dick Tomey was a smart move. Ditto for hiring George Nessman. Getting the incoming/outgoing money flow in athletics into some degree of order was most necessary. Doing the prep work for Mountain West Conference entrance deserves a pat on the back.

Tomey helped get academics in order and just his name supplied a degree of respectability.

The down side?

What was simultaneously needed was the hiring of a successor-in-waiting. Tomey was older than Father Time and unfortunately overstayed his effectiveness, leaving on a down note. The football team fell back. That’s something a school such as San Jose State could not afford on the field.

The same for George Nessman. Basketball academics were putrid and a fine job was done correcting that major deficit. But it’s been apparent that the winning of games was not going to happen and 7 or 8 years is far, far too long to wait for that turnaround. I repeat, that is something a school such as San Jose State could not afford on the court. Anyone knows that.

In basketball, it’s back to square one, if that isn’t being too generous.

There was a window of opportunity in basketball that is now not just closed but nailed shut. It’s JC U time, hire the mercenaries once again. Look at recruiting. SJS basketball is a recruiting joke in north California.

TB knew all this but he still went ahead and granted an extension, thus putting his personal allegiance ahead of his professional duties.

That’s something that has hampered growth in SJS basketball for decades.

A la knowing your head coach has achieved three DUI’s in a year and no action is taken until that news appears in the press and the issue is forced.

That’s not incompetence but favoritism.

In all these cases, the athletics department was not a personal sandbox to play as you please and then bash supporters for not opening up their wallets wider.

We will never know the primary reason for TB’s departure but he certainly was trying to move on these last six months. Was it that the job was done or that some pushing was going on? The rumor of President Q frowning upon the basketball coach extension due to that process not being transparent may well have added some incentive.

Oh yes, can we get less ego with the new hire.

TB did some good but alas his s**t did stink just like the rest of us, contrary to the Washington Square mythmaking and that also perpetuated by SJSU manservant Jon Wilner.

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