SJS will have a new basketball coach.

A done deal.

But who is the 64 million dollar question, or in this case, the $500,000 one.

It would be now if TB hasn’t displayed his greater allegiance to his DLS clan over his employer.

Prez Q didn’t like what he found.

The bucks just aren’t in the budget at this moment but it’s only a one-year buyout in March 2013.

Quite the legacy TB.

Let the basketball program die off because of your judgment.

A slap in the face to every SJS basketball fan but more importantly to each player on the roster.

To the SJS fans and supporters who fret that negativity harms the program and there fore the players, look in the mirror and ask what your lemming like behavior allowed to happen?

Thank you Prez Q for putting an end to this.

Shame to those who facilitated it with their inertia.

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