San Jose State, with its long sordid history of ADs using the men’s basketball coaching position as an employment agency for friends, must make a break with this practice

Will AD Bleymaier do just that?

There have been major reservations expressed here about Bleymaier’s past indiscretions but reassurances have been given and more importantly systems put in place to insure that this will not happen at San Jose State

It’s hard to give trust after so many years of abuse and ivory tower you don’t exist and anyways I’m so damn smarter attitude emanating from the AD’s office but Bleymeier is on his last time as an AD and he cannot afford any more f*****s unless he wants his professional headstone to be chiseled out as a two-time loser

So he better choose right

Because SJS cannot afford another 40-50 years of negligible support from past and previous basketball players

It’s the old timer Spartans who give or at least gave before TB shat on them but decades have gone by with not one single former player from that period contributing to the program in any substantial manner

There’s been too many coaching changes, blatant ignoring of players who were coached by someone else and an indifference towards growing the Spartan Rebounders into a two-way street, one that benefits the current program via financial assistance and the contributing members. It’s been ignore the donors until some money is needed and then oh yeah, remember us,  we’re still here and we want you to open your wallets

Fans can’t care if the coaches and AD don’t

Note to new basketball coach: bury the name Spartan Rebounders There’s a crying need to start fresh.

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