Rodney Terry was recognized as one of the nation’s top recruiters while an assistant at Texas, so it’s no surprise he’s doing the same as head coach at Fresno State. Next year the Bulldogs add highly touted post players Robert Upshaw and Braeden Anderson and now more help is on the way. Alex Davis , a premier big man in the junior college ranks, committed to Fresno State earlier this week. The 2013, 6-foot-9 forward from Hutchinson Community College (Kan.) averaged 10.6 points and 5.9 rebounds per game as a freshman. He also shot 54.7 percent from the field last season and had a team-leading 61 blocks and 67 offensive rebounds. Davis’ commitment is a important get for the Bulldogs, as it solidifies post presence for the near future. According to the Fresno Bee , he’s also versatile enough to shift to a small forward role. Davis should be a contributor early in his college career for the up-and-coming program. – Greg Rosenstein espn

Meanwhile, the mentally deranged of Spartania spout this –

I am willing to give Nessman my support and encouragement for this season since he has shown this new found recruiting ability. We all should. Let’s give him a good chance with his new ‘stars.’ We will see.


Yep, that’s right, we’ll get ‘em in 2005, oh make that 2006, what was I talking about it’s 2007, let me have a redo – 2008 is the season, really I meant 2009, I feel it in my bones that we’ll surprise the WAC in 2010, it’s gonna be 2011, 2012′s our year yesiree

Coming off a 1-13 WAC season in a weak year and landing players nobody else wanted to sign equals newfound recruiting ability. That strictly liquid diet of Kool Aid is causing major impairment. There are reasons why these guys have landed at SJS, not naming names but one went to four different high schools and let’s leave it at that

Fortunately, this also appeared from someone else –

I’m fine with hiring a young assistant who is hungry. Somebody who is a recruiter from a major conference.

There are folks who think magic makes recruiting. Truth is Basketball is a word of mouth reputation game. You need a coach with cred among the elite players to recruit. Otherwise you get “projects” and “better than a walk-on” types trying augment transfers.


But SJS doesn’t even need elite because that will never happen. Going sub elite is fine such as Upshaw and Anderson

But when the mention of SJS brings smirks and looks of are you crazy to any local kid worth signing then you have an insurmountable problem

The mens basketball legacy of benign neglect and DLS allegiance courtesy of Tom Bowen lives on

For one more year

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