So Coach Hester has gotten out a year early, understanding the handwriting on the new AD’s to-do list, and landed on his feet back in Tejas.

Good for him. There was no growth potential here, no way to impress other head coaches, no avenue to add to his bona fides.

Sadly he is the only one on staff who offers any attraction to other D-1 programs because of the record SJS has achieved and certain other matters.

Well is wished to him.

The straightjacket has been removed.


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San Jose State, with its long sordid history of ADs using the men’s basketball coaching position as an employment agency for friends, must make a break with this practice

Will AD Bleymaier do just that?

There have been major reservations expressed here about Bleymaier’s past indiscretions but reassurances have been given and more importantly systems put in place to insure that this will not happen at San Jose State

It’s hard to give trust after so many years of abuse and ivory tower you don’t exist and anyways I’m so damn smarter attitude emanating from the AD’s office but Bleymeier is on his last time as an AD and he cannot afford any more f*****s unless he wants his professional headstone to be chiseled out as a two-time loser

So he better choose right

Because SJS cannot afford another 40-50 years of negligible support from past and previous basketball players

It’s the old timer Spartans who give or at least gave before TB shat on them but decades have gone by with not one single former player from that period contributing to the program in any substantial manner

There’s been too many coaching changes, blatant ignoring of players who were coached by someone else and an indifference towards growing the Spartan Rebounders into a two-way street, one that benefits the current program via financial assistance and the contributing members. It’s been ignore the donors until some money is needed and then oh yeah, remember us,  we’re still here and we want you to open your wallets

Fans can’t care if the coaches and AD don’t

Note to new basketball coach: bury the name Spartan Rebounders There’s a crying need to start fresh.

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SJS will have a new basketball coach.

A done deal.

But who is the 64 million dollar question, or in this case, the $500,000 one.

It would be now if TB hasn’t displayed his greater allegiance to his DLS clan over his employer.

Prez Q didn’t like what he found.

The bucks just aren’t in the budget at this moment but it’s only a one-year buyout in March 2013.

Quite the legacy TB.

Let the basketball program die off because of your judgment.

A slap in the face to every SJS basketball fan but more importantly to each player on the roster.

To the SJS fans and supporters who fret that negativity harms the program and there fore the players, look in the mirror and ask what your lemming like behavior allowed to happen?

Thank you Prez Q for putting an end to this.

Shame to those who facilitated it with their inertia.

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It’s a done deal.

GB is the one.

He’s also the one who fired Greg Graham in (142-112) 2010 with a year remaining on his contract.

09-10 Boise State 15-17
08-09 Boise State 19-13
07-08 Boise State 25-9
06-07 Boise State 17-14
05-06 Boise State 14-15
04-05 Boise State 16-18
03-04 Boise State 23-10
02-03 Boise State 13-16

So SJS will have a white AD, a white football coach, a white baseball coach, a white womens basketball coach and a white mens basketball coach.

Take  pc and do as you wish but this ain’t going to remain.

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So Marie Tuite  is not going to pursue the open AD position at SJS

Because Gene Bleymaier has the job nailed down

For the cave dwellers and Kool Aid bathers, GB was fired as the AD at Boise State for his lack of institutional control after violations across several programs

There’s baggage and then there’s a caravan of it

From Boise President Bob Kustra: “After a careful management review and discussions about the future of the program, I determined that new leadership will be needed as we commit ourselves to the highest level of attention and enforcement of NCAA standards, and also continue to move Boise State athletics to the next level of success.”

Boise showed its colors — following the rules being the golden rule — rather than ignoring reality because of fame and fortune

SJS is now doing the same

Bleymaier has been successful, there is no question

But at what cost?

Does SJS desire to sell its soul for the glimmer of success?

Cause Dick Vermeil says so

Actions have consequences

Two words

Sloppy seconds.

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Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

1-13 in the WAC, a diluted conference at best this year, and already the SJS slaves are feeling beholden to their mens basketball program master.

“oh, he must win this year”

yep, that’s right, we’ll get ’em in 2005, oh make that 2006, what was I talking about it’s 2007, let me have a redo – 2008 is the season, really I meant 2009, I feel it in my bones that we’ll surprise the WAC in 2010, it’s gonna be 2011, 2012’s our year yesiree

He’s only the second-worst 7+-year coach in NCAA

Oh, we must be reasonable

Now, it’s gotta be over .500 in league

But give him  a break since the heart and soul of the program decided he had enough of the AD and university neglecting men’s basketball. But I never liked the kid anyway, he shot too much but I’d still be in love with him if he had stayed here in Loserville

Oh this new recruiting class, it’s given me hope, let’s gargle with the Kool Aid  so we don’t have to answer why no local high school kid even considers SJS, why we signed three out of state jc players and so it goes

Ignore reality because it’s a troll

Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

Washington Square is ground zero.

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To: Sir You Payup For The Outlandish Actions of Others or Shutup Now

STATUS QUO blathers: otherwise, all your ‘complaints ‘ and ‘pleadings’ (withOUT ponying up that CASH) are, just, hollow rhetoric, pure and simple!

LOL, pure and simple haven’t been ingredients for SJSU basketball in decades

Rhetoric, yes

By the s**tload

Mr. It Is What It Is,  Nothing To See Here,  Move On has no interest in determining what mistakes were made, why such mistakes have been hamhandedly replicated or if some underhanded dealings surround the TB I Just Love Handing Out Menz Basketball Program Contract Extensions DLS Lovefest

Certainly not

He has no qualms about the selection process of a new AD, blatantly ignoring San Jose State’s history of hiring those whose allegiance is first to their circle of scammers despite taking up residence at Washington Square

Sir You Payup For The Outlandish Actions of Others or Shutup Now is willing to accept crap basketball because his overlords have acted (or not) and those who actually care are chintzy chumps whose pieholes are tiresome.

Would Fresno State have accepted the numbers for the last seven years of basketball?

Would Louisiana tech have accepted the numbers for the last seven years of basketball?

Would Hawai`i have accepted the numbers for the last seven years of basketball?

The facts are that none did


But to Leonidas it is not ours to question why.

Or demand answers.

Those other schools had  athletic departments with ADs untied to their basketball coaches, had ADs who weren’t moving on and gave a golden parachute out to a certain buddy, had ADs who put their school and employer rightfully first.

Is 7 or 8 years a fair testing period of time?

Sweet Jesus, overly generous.

Something may be rotten in Denmark but there is a smell from and a stain on JC U.

And only continued pressure and making sure all donations DO NOT go to Menz Basketball until matters are made right.

Or you can go on opening your wallet and giving your trust to those who have failed you.

That is called enabling the addict but you’re welcome to it, no make that welcoming it.

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